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Electric Steam Boiler

The Electric Steam Boiler is composed of a furnace, water supply, self-control, heating, and safety protection system. It uses electricity to generate heat and generate steam with a certain pressure. It has the characteristics of convenient use, simple operation, economical, and wide application fields.


No pollution, no noise

The Electric Steam Boiler has no combustion chamber, no chimney, no need to consider heat loss, and the thermal efficiency is above 98%.

Small footprint

Adopt a scientific and reasonable design structure and advanced manufacturing process to reduce boiler space and save the use of the site.

Multiple protection systems

The Electric Steam Boiler has multiple protections such as voltage, water level, power supply, and pressure, which is safe and reliable.

Long service life

The Electric Steam Boiler operation period can be set as required, and each heating group can be automatically time-divisionally activated to extend the service life of the equipment.

Product Parameters:

Electric Steam Boiler Rated thermal power: 0.5-4.0 t/h
Electric Steam Boiler Rated thermal efficiency: 98%
Electric Steam Boiler Pressure: ≤1.25MPa
Electric Steam Boiler Available fuel: electric energy


Automatic blow-down system
The Electric Steam Boiler control system monitors the ion concentration in the water in real-time. When the concentration exceeds the limit value, the discharge solenoid valve opens automatically to realize automatic discharge. At the same time, the pump starts to re-inject pure water to avoid scaling on the heating surface.

Scale alarm system

The unique patented scale alarm technology monitors the formation of scale on the heated surface in real-time. Once the scaling on the heating surface is found to exceed the standard, the alarm system will be activated immediately.

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